Over Ballin

Embodying the fearless and 

optimistic spirit of individuals

Pure Path is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand established in 2008 by three entrepreneurs. The brand’s logo, a triangle, symbolizes the trinity and deep friendship of these men. The brand originally started producing white shirts for men and has grown into a fashion brand with an extensive denim collection and accessories. Pure Path provides the modern-day man with affordable and timeless designs for every season.


Our brand reflects the philosophy of our three founders and the path they have shared to reach this point. United by an entrepreneurial spirit and the belief that with hard work, determination, and a positive outlook, they can achieve anything. Over time, this trilogy has developed into a strong brotherhood that embraces their shared African heritage and continues to grow and evolve each passing day. Our brandmark the triangle, represents the strength of this trilogy and has become a symbol of empowerment for men everywhere.

Pure Path brings assured and inspiring fashion, to today’s modern man. Fit for every occasion; modern, on-trend and crafted with uncompromising quality. We boost confidence and build self esteem for our consumers, enabling them to grasp and conquer every opportunity and challenge on their path through life. Every expression of the brand is one that supports this purpose. With products and experiences that embody our determination and attitude to live life to the full.